På CHG-MERIDIAN tror vi på långsiktig hållbarhet, effektiv teknikhantering med högsta informationssäkerhet, rättvis konkurrens och respektfull dialog med intressenter.

Vi tror på hållbarhet

Hållbarhet har varit kärnan i vår verksamhet i mer än 45 år. Vi erbjuder utrustningsleasing med efterföljande renovering och remarketing i enlighet med principerna för den cirkulära ekonomin. Hållbarhet är en pågående process för oss och vi utökar kontinuerligt vårt engagemang på detta område. I detta sammanhang förstår vi hållbarhet som skärningspunkten mellan de tre dimensionerna ekonomi, ekologi och samhälle. En helhetssyn på alla tre hållbarhetsdimensioner är avgörande för att CHG-MERIDIAN ska fungera framgångsrikt på lång sikt. 


Företags- & Hållbarhetsrapport 2023

Faktablad företagsrapport 2023

Faktablad Hållbarhet 2023


Lär dig mer om hållbarhet och CHG-MERIDIAN
CHG-MERIDIAN Sustainability
APR 01, 2022

NF Techfleet is now CHG-MERIDIAN

Effectively 1st of April 2022, the full merge of NF Techfleet and CHG-MERIDIAN takes place and form together one CHG-MERIDIAN. To ensure the strongest foundation for CHG-MERIDIANs technology fleet offering across Northern Europe.

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The voice of green business


Looking at the bigger picture is a tradition at CHG-MERIDIAN that dates back 40 years. Its memberships of various organizations and associations also encourage networking and the sharing of information. We are always looking to expand these activities. After signing up to the Diversity Charter and the UN Global Compact last year, we have recently joined more than 500 companies in becoming a member of the Federal Association of Green Business (BNW).

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28 apr. 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN co-founds B2B start-up that remarkets refurbished IT

• circulee offers sustainable solutions for the use of IT hardware to small and medium-sized businesses
• The use of second-hand IT equipment reduces the carbon footprint by 70-800202fpercent compared with new devices
• As co-founder and principal investor, CHG-MERIDIAN wants to make sustainable lifecycle management a driver of growth

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28 apr. 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN establishes subsidiary for global IT rental

• devicenow: global IT equipment rental paired with comprehensive service
• Non-captive offering available in 190 countries worldwide
• Device-as-a-service concept as a key component of CHG-MERIDIAN’s growth strategy

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28 apr. 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: Profitable business performance in 2021 and expansion of the business model

• Value of the managed technology portfolio grows to €7.8 billion
• Setting up a new business: ‘devicenow’ offers global IT rental model
• Strengthening the circular economy: Newly founded company ‘circulee’ remarkets refurbished IT equipment

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CHG-MERIDIAN och mcare inleder samarbete

Med tjänsten ”Enterprise Mobility Solution”, erbjuder CHG-MERIDIAN sina kunder kompletta servicepaket med tjänster som täcker hela livscykeln för mobila enheter. I samarbete med mcare kan de täcka hela cykeln från finansiering till återvinning. CHG-MERIDIAN uppmärksammar hela teknikens livscykel för att tillhandahålla certifierade och koldioxidneutrala IT-investeringar. mcare erbjuder CHG-MERIDIAN-kunder experttjänster för reparation - var som helst, när som helst.

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12 sep. 2022 – Northern-Eastern Europe

CHG-MERIDIAN unveils their new 'Business with pleasure' policy

Today CHG-MERIDIAN unveiled their new 'Business with pleasure' policy, designed to offer employees greater freedom and flexibility in the way they work.

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Mumbai bridge

CHG-MERIDIAN enters the Indian market with acquisition of OPC Asset Solutions

• Acquisition is part of CHG-MERIDIAN’s international growth strategy
• OPC Asset Solutions provides direct access to the fast-growing Indian market
• A business model based on the circular economy and a shared technology focus offer a great strategic fit for both companies

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29 nov. 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN lays the foundations for business in Singapore

• Expansion in Asia forms part of CHG-MERIDIAN’s international growth strategy
• New location makes CHG-MERIDIAN’s international offering even more compelling

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3 feb. 2021 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN introduces carbon-neutral IT leasing

• carbonZER0 available to customers in 27 countries
• Green financing option for carbon-neutral investment in IT infrastructure
• CO₂ offset payments go toward certified climate protection projects

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CHG-MERIDIAN unterzeichnet Charta der Vielfalt
18 mars 2021 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN AG signs the Diversity Charter

Cultivating an organizational culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation - this is the overriding principle of the Diversity Charter. In February 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN AG signed up to the Germany-wide initiative.

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8 apr. 2021 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN joins the United Nations Global Compact

The international technology manager makes a clear commitment to responsible corporate governance. In March 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN signed the United Nations Global Compact and thus underlines its long-term commitment to sustainability.

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3 aug. 2021 – Stockholm

Marko Tarkiainen tillträder som ny VP Sales på CHG-MERIDIAN Sverige & Finland

CHG-MERIDIAN tar ytterligare steg för att stärka sin ställning i Norden och tillsätter Marko Tarkiainen som ny Vice President Sales för den svenska och finska verksamheten. Marko Tarkiainen har gedigen erfarenhet från att driva försäljning av finansieringstjänster inom teknik och industri. Marko tillträdde den 1 augusti 2021 och kommer närmast från Vincit Oyj.

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Headquarter CHG-MERIDIAN
22 apr. 2021 – Weingarten

Successful 2020 financial year thanks to resilient business model

• Pandemic-related decline of 12 percent in lease origination compared to 2019
• Positive net income development due to strong growth in previous years
• Sustainable business model is an important competitive factor

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4 mars 2021 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN remains main sponsor of the Ravensburg Towerstars

The international technology manager with headquarters in Weingarten relies on continuity in its sports sponsorship. As announced on March 4, 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN is extending its commitment to Ravensburg as an ice hockey location and will thus remain the main sponsor of the Towerstars and name giver of the "CHG Arena" for the next five years.

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CHG-MERIDIAN Sustainability
APR 22, 2021 - Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN published first sustainability report

The international Group has always based its business model on the resource-efficient circular economy, and is continuously expanding its commitment to sustainability. The 2020 sustainability report is the Group’s first and it transparently documents the measures taken and the goals set.

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CHG-MERIDIAN Ecovadis sustainability rating
24 sep. 2021 – Weingarten

EcoVadis ger CHG-MERIDIAN silvermedalj för hållbarhetsarbete

I början av 2021 presenterade CHG-MERIDIAN Group sin första heltäckande hållbarhetsstrategi och nu har vi tilldelats en silvermedalj i EcoVadis årliga internationella ranking baserat på globalt accepterade standarder för företagens sociala ansvar (CSR). Detta placerar CHG-MERIDIAN Group i topp 25 procent av alla företag i världen vad gäller hållbarhetsarbete, som bedöms av EcoVadis.

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11 nov. 2020 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: Bildungsinitiative „digitalheroes@Klassenzimmer” gestartet

•Lehrkräfte-Auszeichnung für digitale Unterrichtskonzepte ausgelobt
•Gesucht: Die drei besten Praxisbeispiele aus baden-württembergischen Schulen
•Kooperation von CHG-MERIDIAN mit der Mossakowski Stiftung und Beratung durch das Zentrum für Schulqualität Baden-Württemberg (ZSL)

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15 juli 2020 – Weingarten

Additional boost to digitalization in the German healthcare sector

• CHG-MERIDIAN continues dialog with policymakers, the research community, and representatives of the IT sector and hospitals
• Topics of discussion include: the COVID-19 crisis; factors accelerating digitalization in the German healthcare sector; standalone IT solutions: More than just a technical challenge
• Policymakers supporting digitalization and addressing the protection of patient data

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man in a suit looking at a smartphone and a laptop
1 juli 2020 – Weingarten

TESMA® portal: Self-service for the digital workplace

Managing IT for mobile working more efficiently
• CHG-MERIDIAN adds a self-service portal for its customers’ employees to TESMA®
• High level of automation relieves the burden on IT and procurement
• Fast and hassle-free processes increase employee satisfaction

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27 maj 2020 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN donates laptops to five schools in Ravensburg

By donating 100 laptops to five schools in Ravensburg, the CHG-MERIDIAN Group is helping to ensure that pupils have access to IT devices so that they can participate in online lessons.

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23 apr. 2020 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN shows significant growth for 2019

• Lease origination: 32 percent increase to around €2 billion compared to prior year
• Circular economy: almost 700,000 IT devices refurbished for a second lifecycle
• Coronavirus pandemic: both challenge and opportunity

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8 apr. 2020 – Weingarten

Immediate aid to support the community in the region in the wake of the Corona crisis

• Donation of EUR 200,000 to the Bürgerstiftung Kreis Ravensburg
• Dr. Wagner: We need a strong community for cohesion in society
• Support for non-profit associations, especially in the field of art and culture, and for organisations providing social assistance in the region. Particular attention is also paid to supporting disadvantaged children and young people

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1 mars 2020 – Weingarten

Ulrich Bergmann appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Changes to the Board of Management of CHG-MERIDIAN

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close up of people on laptops with a screen in the background
26 feb. 2020 – Weingarten

2019/2020 D21 Digital Index shows that the transition toward a digital work culture is stalling in Germany

• Companies are making little progress with the expansion of the digital workplace
• Employees are better equipped with mobile IT devices at home than they are at work
• CHG-MERIDIAN is again supporting the D21 study as a partner

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18 sep. 2020 – Weingarten

Digitize administration

As an expert in technology management, CHG-MERIDIAN has been supporting the public sector for years in the implementation of digitization concepts. Earlier in September, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and CHG-MERIDIAN met in Weingarten to discuss the topic.

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16 okt. 2019 – Weingarten

Digital transformation in healthcare – from hype to reality.

• Investment backlog remains the biggest hurdle to digitalization
• Customer Experience Day enables dialog between key players
• Information and education increase the acceptance of e-health and AI in healthcare
• CHG-MERIDIAN’s latest white paper presents investment options for the digital age

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23 maj 2019 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN Technology and Service Center awarded ISO certification

• Quality and information security standards of entire Gross-Gerau site validated
• ISO 9001 and 27001 certification recognized at international level
• Basis of BSI compliance certification for basic protection in accordance with B1.15 Deletion and Destruction of Data

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16 apr. 2019 – Weingarten

Digital transformation in healthcare – aversion to new technology persists

• 2018/2019 D21 Digital Index shows that e-health remains a niche topic: There is openness to the idea but the benefits are not recognized
• CHG-MERIDIAN supports D21 Digital Index and critically examined study results in panel discussion
• The panel discussion took place at the DMEA on April 9, 2019 at the Berlin Capital Club

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close up of people holding tablets
9 apr. 2019 – Weingarten

Successful business performance delivers record year for CHG-MERIDIAN

• Growth: Lease originations up 22 percent year-on-year
• Internationalization: Successful acquisition of Australian technology specialist equigroup in 2018
• Circular economy: Further increase in the number of refurbished and data-erased assets for the secondary market

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1 feb. 2019 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN uses precise data to optimize TCO in fleet management

• Cost management is a key topic in the logistics sector
• Focus increasingly on usage behavior and total cost of ownership
• Continual optimization of the TCO analysis is required

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23 jan. 2019 – Weingarten

2018/2019 D21 Digital Index shows that remote working and flextime are still a rarity in Germany

• Potential of the digital workplace still untapped
• Companies lack digital technology and implementation strategies
• CHG-MERIDIAN is again supporting the D21 study as a partner

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11 dec. 2018 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN and Ravensburg Towerstars extend long-term partnership

• CHG-MERIDIAN remains main sponsor
• Ice rink to be renamed ‘CHG Arena’
• Sport sponsoring remains essential beacon for the region

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9 nov. 2018 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN employees take to the stage for a good cause

• Swabian crime comedy ‘Der zerdepperte Krug’ was performed at Ravensburg Theatre
• All proceeds go to the ‘Theatertäschle’ project and the ‘MOSKITO’ theatre and circus school
• CHG-MERIDIAN supporting employees’ commitment to local charitable causes

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17 okt. 2018 – Weingarten

Digitalization meets reality: intelligent IT lifts logistics to new heights

• Volatile markets require flexible use of existing resources
• Intelligently managed processes reduce running costs
• CHG-MERIDIAN’s holistic approach increases efficiency at all levels

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3 sep. 2018 – Weingarten / Sydney

CHG-MERIDIAN acquires Australian technology financing company equigroup

• Strategic growth impulse for lease originations for the CHG-MERIDIAN Group
• equigroup opens up access to attractive Australia/New Zealand region
• CHG-MERIDIAN now has a presence in 25 countries around the world

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9 aug. 2018 – Weingarten

Another bonded loan successfully placed

• Transaction volume in line with excellent business performance
• Funding terms even better than in previous years
• CHG-MERIDIAN opts for parallel marketing via a digital platform for first time

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man in office looking at tablet
31 juli 2018 – Weingarten

Public Sector 4.0: Understanding the digital revolution – identifying and leveraging potential

• Digital transformation remains on the public sector's agenda
• Attractiveness as an employer and HR policies that embrace demographic diversity are growing challenges
• CHG-MERIDIAN’s integrated approach promotes digital transformation and efficiency

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5 juli 2018 – Weingarten

Recording assets on the go securely and cost-efficiently with the TESMA® App

• CHG-MERIDIAN extends TESMA® with directly integrated TESMA® App
• Eliminate manual processes and reduce time and effort spent on asset management by using a smartphone
• A further step towards the complete digitalization of asset lifecycles

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10 apr. 2018 – Weingarten

New European General Data Protection Regulation: Securing data erasure processes with eraSURE®

• Companies need to adjust the ways in which they handle personal data
• CHG-MERIDIAN offers its own certified data erasure process called eraSURE®
• eraSURE® facilitates compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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22 mars 2018 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN continues to generate profitable growth in 2017

• Increased: Volume of lease originations rises by 8 percent year on year
• Successful: Technology diversification and international positioning pay off
• Innovative: Digitalization offers further opportunities for profitable growth

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14 mars 2018 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN employees take to the stage for a good cause

• Swabian crime comedy ‘Der zerdepperte Krug’ to be performed at Ravensburg Theatre on April 18
• All proceeds go to the Theater-Rucksack project and the MOSKITO theatre and circus school
• CHG-MERIDIAN supporting employees’ commitment to local charitable causes

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doctor in scrubs looking at x-rays of a persons chest
20 feb. 2018 – Berlin

Digitalization increases need for qualification in healthcare

• Digital skills as a key competence in the healthcare sector
• Healthcare providers make efficiency gains and increase competitiveness by training their workforce
• CHG-MERIDIAN supports D21-Digital-Index and analyzes impact on investments in healthcare

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24 jan. 2018 – Berlin

D21 digital index for 2017/2018 shows that German companies are lagging behind on mobile workspaces

• The mobile workspace is becoming a competitive factor for firms
• Companies have to help employees embrace digitalization
• CHG-MERIDIAN is again supporting the D21 study as a partner

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7 apr. 2017 – Weingarten

Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) from CHG-MERIDIAN are leading the way

• Direct: Communicate with your preferred target group in real time
• With confidence: A test phase provides peace of mind during digital transformation
• State-of-the-art: A technology refresh means you always get the latest technology

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28 feb. 2017 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: New Stuttgart site set to enhance sales activities

Customer proximity: New Stuttgart site will pave the way for improved customer service. Economic strength: CHG-MERIDIAN sees further potential for growth in Baden-Württemberg

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CHG-MERIDIAN Technology & Service Centre in Skien, Norway
10 feb. 2017 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN increases its lease originations by 9 percent in 2016

Sustained organic growth at a high level shows that the strategy is working
Excellent progress in the delivery of the service strategy, record result for certified data erasure.

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28 apr. 2017 – Weingarten

Flying start to 2017 for CHG-MERIDIAN

• Successful: volume of leases originated rises by 13 percent year on year; above-average growth in Germany
• Robust: international business continues to perform well
• Buoyant: high demand for data erasure and mobility solutions

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21 juli 2017 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN's lease origination up by 15 percent in the first half of 2017

• Robust: Broad-based and dynamic growth in Germany and in the international markets
• Encouraging: Positive trend in the volume of leases originated for healthcare and industrial technologies
• Intelligent: Expanded range of end-of-life services for printer systems

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16 maj 2017 – Bielefeld

CHG-MERIDIAN strengthens presence in Germany with new office in Bielefeld

• Close to customers: CHG-MERIDIAN opens new office in Bielefeld.
• Diverse mix of sectors: Bielefeld and the surrounding areas have great sales potential.

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27 juni 2017 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN closes security gap in printer systems with new erasure process

• Certified: Data erasure process for printer systems successfully passes TÜV acceptance test in Gross-Gerau
• Transparent: Asset tracking at any time with TESMA®
• Automated: High level of process reliability with eraSURE® and eraSURE®+

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21 sep. 2017 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: Bonded loan secures again funding on favorable terms

• Growth: New funds can be used to finance growth and innovation
• Interest-rates: Further optimization of finance costs thanks to excellent interest-rate conditions
• Reputation: Successful placement underlines CHG-MERIDIAN’s strong reputation in the capital markets

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20 sep. 2017 – Weingarten

Lack of investment puts the brakes on digitalisation

• Lack of investment and investment backlog hinder progress of digitalisation
• More information and advice needed regarding its benefits and impact
• National modernisation strategy to encourage investment in the vision

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27 okt. 2017 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: positive business development in the first nine months

• Growth: lease originations and profitability increase
• Continuity: remarketing uptrend continues
• Potential: Enterprise Mobility Solutions offer excellent prospects and win an award

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6 dec. 2017 – Gross-Gerau

Successful working relationships at the Technology and Service Center

For the past eight years, colleagues with disabilities have been working alongside other employees at the Groß-Gerau Technology and Service Center. This integration project is being run by CHG-MERIDIAN in cooperation with the Rhine-Main Workshops for Disabled People and one of their subsidiary workshops, Solvere gGmbH, and receives positive feedback from all those involved.

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30 nov. 2017 – Frankfurt

Enterprise Mobility Awards: CHG-MERIDIAN wins bronze

• Accolade: Technology management company among the top three in the Workforce Mobility / Digital Workspace category
• Catch-up potential: Three in four Germans still teaching themselves digital skills outside of work
• Challenge: Security shortcomings need to be eradicated from the mobile workspace

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12 feb. 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN looks back on a successful year

Growth: funding for more technology investments than ever before
All-time high: a record amount of equipment certified data-erased and remarketed
Acquisition: IT and healthcare portfolio acquired from GE Capital in northern Europe

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12 apr. 2016 – Weingarten

New TESMA® integrates financial and technical information even more effectively

CHG-MERIDIAN launches software platform for financial and technical management of assets
CHG-MERIDIAN perfecting its Technology and Service Management System, TESMA® now offers an extended range of features

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22 apr. 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN starts 2016 with slight first-quarter growth

Growth: Promising developments in America and Western Europe during first quarter
Gross margin: Profitability increases continue into the new year
Outlook: New release of technology and service application, TESMA®, bolsters growth prospects further

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image of CHG-MERIDIAN's headquarters from the outside
16 juni 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN celebrates inauguration of headquarters expansion building

Announcement: Headquarters in Weingarten expanded further
Growth: 250 additional workstations created
Dynamic: New Stuttgart and Bielefeld offices already in planning

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19 juni 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN supports charity cycling tour for Kinderstiftung Ravensburg

Motivated: The cyclists covered 90 kilometers for a good cause.
Committed: Employees can participate via social activities.
Invested: Donations provide individual support for children.

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24 mars 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN sponsors jerseys to support eight youth sports teams

Responsibility: Workforce has a say in social activities
Team: Employees get involved in good causes with CHG-MERIDIAN support
Athletic spirit: Jersey campaign provides youth team sports with targeted assistance

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17 nov. 2016 – Weingarten

2016 D21 Digital Index: Companies must contribute to digitalization of Germans

CHG-MERIDIAN is supporting the D21 study as a partner for the first time
The digital skills of the German population are improving – but too slowly
Three out of four Germans prefer to learn how to use smartphones and similar devices by themselves in their spare time

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16 nov. 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN reorganizes Board of Management; Dr. Mathias Wagner to succeed Jürgen Mossakowski

Steadfast: Mossakowski to join the new Supervisory Board, Dr. Wagner to become the new Chairman of the Board of Management, Strong: Sales activities to be brought together in one remit, Structured: Separate Board of Management remit for IT and Services

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31 okt. 2016 – Gross-Gerau

Colleagues for colleagues: CHG-MERIDIAN employees run for a good cause

Carrying the baton: marathon route completed by six relay teams

Collective effort: €2,531.70 raised for the Gross-Gerau sports association for disabled people

Cooperation: CHG-MERIDIAN has employed people with disabilities at its Gross-Gerau site since 2007

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27 okt. 2016 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN AG steps up the pace of growth in the third quarter of 2016

Moving up a gear: accelerated growth in lease originations

Security-conscious: strong demand for data erasure services

Innovative: Enterprise Mobility Solutions demonstrate their potential

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22 juli 2016 – Weingarten

Buoyant growth for CHG-MERIDIAN in the first half of 2016

Momentum: Strong growth impetus in western and southern Europe

Solidity: Gross profit stabilizes at a high level

Innovation: New enterprise mobility solution opens up potential

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31 jan. 2024 – Weingarten

Sustainability on scrutiny: One out of three companies states that sustainability must also be cost-effective

• Reducing operating expenses is one of the main drivers for sustainability initiatives
• 23 percent of companies surveyed do not have a sustainability strategy
• More than half of the respondents have not yet recognized the potential of sustainability in their IT hardware procurement

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23 apr. 2024 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN achieves further successful growth in 2023

• Volume of lease originations in 2023 increased to a record high of €2.45 billion, and profit from ordinary activities to €164.25 million
• Profitable growth driven by successful international expansion of technology2use portfolio
• Increasing regulation concerning sustainability will further boost demand for IT usage models

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CHG-MERIDIAN-koncernen har återigen tilldelats det prestigefyllda EcoVadis silverbetyget 2023, vilket bekräftar dess kontinuerliga och tillförlitliga hållbarhetsarbete. Företaget fick särskilt bra poäng i miljökategorin. Detta placerar CHG-MERIDIAN bland de 15 procent bästa företagen som utvärderas av EcoVadis.

För EcoVadis-betyget bedöms de fyra kategorierna miljö, etik, arbetsrätt och mänskliga rättigheter samt hållbar upphandling årligen och kombineras till en övergripande ranking. 2023 förbättrade CHG-MERIDIAN återigen sitt övergripande betyg och presterade särskilt bra inom kategorin miljö.

Detta berodde framför allt på det ökade antalet åtgärder som vidtagits för att ytterligare minska koldioxidavtrycket, inklusive övergången till elbilar som tjänstebilar och användningen av förpackningsmaterial som tillverkats av mer miljövänliga eller biologiska substitut. Dessutom bidrog en mer omfattande rapportering som en del av hållbarhetsredovisningen och deltagande i Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) till en ökning av poängen.

I de övriga kategorierna kunde bolaget bygga vidare på förra årets framgångar och göra ytterligare framsteg. Exempelvis har den framgångsrika certifieringen av vårt ledningssystem inom informationssäkerhet enligt ISO 27701 för DACH-regionen eller integreringen av sociala och miljömässiga klausuler i utvalda leverantörsavtal bidragit positivt till betyget.


CHG-MERIDIAN har satt sig som mål att bli koldioxidneutral i hela verksamheten från 2021. För att uppnå detta arbetar vi för att undvika, minska eller kompensera alla koldioxidutsläpp som genereras under vår affärsverksamhet.

Alla icke-undvikbara utsläpp kompenseras genom utvalda klimatförändringsprojekt. Vi kommer att fortsätta de åtgärder som införts under de senaste åren för att minska CHG-MERIDIAN-gruppens koldioxidavtryck och kommer att fortsätta att förfina dem.

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