An excellent start to a career

CHG-MERIDIAN is growing fast – and is doing so around the world. We are always on the lookout for ambitious individuals to join us. Employees who consider themselves genuine team players – in line with our philosophy – and who boldly and enthusiastically look beyond their own horizons to the future.

This applies especially to employees who want to get ahead in their career. We have recently created an interesting offering for them: the Potential Development Program (PDP).


The international Potential Development Program (PDP)

Established in 2017, this program is aimed at highpotential employees at our sites around the world who are looking for a managerial role or a specialist career at international level. The aim of the program is to hone key skills in order to ready the employees to take on greater responsibility.

Young talent may be invited to a ‘potential analysis’ if their line manager identifies that they have performed their tasks exceptionally well over an extended period of time. If the analysis confirms that the individual possesses exceptional skills, then they are clear to join the Potential Development Program.

Armin Ruf – PDP alumnus from Group Accounting – is full of praise: “The Potential Development Program gave me a lot of help in improving not only my professional capabilities but also my interpersonal skills. The regular sharing of ideas and information within the international team opened my eyes to entirely new perspectives and ways of thinking. I’ve now also got a much clearer and more rounded picture of CHG-MERIDIAN.”


PDP in detail

The PDP focuses on soft skills such as communication, self-awareness, leadership, and decision-making. Spread over 18 months, the 20 days of the program are led by select external coaches and cover team-building activities, outdoor training, and intercultural workshops. There are also business seminars on leadership and on managing time, projects and conflicts, with a focus on practical application.

This not only provides a solid foundation for a professional career but also increases the participants’ behavioral repertoire for the global stage. As part of our mentoring program, every PDP participant is supported by a member of the Company’s management team who can provide insights into the decision-making structures and facilitate contact with other executives.


This and other articles can be found in our 2018 Company Report. Click here to download.




"Our Potential Development Program, launched in 2017, enables us to prepare our high-potential employees for the tasks of the future. We are establishing, and investing in, their future at CHG-MERIDIAN. We are constantly optimizing our international PDP in line with the requirements and expectations of our employees and our company."
Martia Nematollahi, HR Developer