Digital Workplace

The digital workplace calls for an integrated approach

The digital workplace offers substantially more freedom and fulfilment for employees: they are less restricted in terms of when and where they work and are no longer tied to permanently installed devices such as desktop workstations. Instead, they always have access to the latest technology, which is tailored to their individual needs. CHG-MERIDIAN shows you how this can work.

Increased productivity with the Digital Workplace

The assets themselves are just one of many building blocks in the process of digital transformation. For the digital workplace to maximize productivity, employees must want to use the technology and be trained in how to do so. And, of course, they need to be able to access the applications quickly and securely.

Primarily, however, the digital workplace needs to be approached holistically as a 360° lifecycle concept that integrates all the individuals, departments, and processes that are key to its successful implementation.

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A non-captive concept

In concrete terms, this means that our end-to-end solution ticks all the boxes on both the technological and the financial front. As experienced technology managers, we are able to create a compelling business case for a customized business concept. Instead of being captive to one supplier and thus tying themselves to particular devices and pricing models, our customers enjoy maximum freedom thanks to our independence from banks and manufacturers.

„From an organizational, commercial, technological, and human perspective, the digital workplace will succeed if all areas are taken into account and processes and solutions are geared to what employees and companies really need. Let us take you on this journey.”

Lukas Wojoczek, Digital Workplace Sales bei CHG-MERIDIAN


Firstly, under our corporate owned, personally enabled scheme – we help to motivate employees by involving them in the procurement of equipment. The most important advantages for employees at a glance:

  • Employees can choose their own device
  • Option of upgrading by making own financial contribution
  • Personal use is allowed
  • Employees can keep the devices as their own private property at the end of the lease
  • Protection of company data
  • Separation between business and private data
  • Certified data erasure at the end of the lease
  • Complete processing via self-service portal in TESMA®

Transparency is the key to optimization for employers

The most important advantages for HR at a glance:

  • Creates incentives & increases employer attractiveness
  • Enables the private use of mobile devices
  • Flexible and easy exchange of devices
  • Enables the digitalization of contracts

The most important advantages for IT at a glance:

  • Less work for internal resources
  • Fast response to changing requirements
  • Protection by deletion certificates at the end of the lease
  • Transparency thanks to regular reporting


Facts & Figures


25 %

more employee productivity and motivation by working independent of location


20 %

savings through consolidation and standardization of processes, residual value calculations and cost transparency


75 %

shorter deployment times through self-service models, automation, vendor independence and decoupling of device and contract