Sep 12, 2022 | Northern-Eastern Europe

CHG-MERIDIAN unveils their new 'Business with pleasure' policy

Today CHG-MERIDIAN unveiled their new 'Business with pleasure' policy, designed to offer employees greater freedom and flexibility in the way they work.

As standard, the hybrid office applies to all CHG-MERIDIAN employees, where they are free to combine working in the office with working at home. The new policy allows employees within the Northern-Easter region to work remotely from anywhere in the world for 20 days a year.

- "We care about our employees in the region and we want to give them this freedom to work from wherever they choose. In addition, we will continue to invest in our local offices to meet the needs of our employees and ensure that each office is an attractive place to work, be creative and work as a team," Sven Janssen, Executive Vice President CHG-MERIDIAN Northern-Eastern Europe.

Even before the pandemic, CHG-MERIDIAN globally changed its entire operations to facilitate hybrid working for employees worldwide. By the time the home office became a reality, employees already had all the equipment and habits in place to deliver the same service as before.

- "With a ”Business with pleasure-policy” we give our colleagues of Northern-Eastern Europe the ability to choose their work location freely for up to 20 consecutive working days per year – for example in a holiday destination, in a favourite city or in a place they like or find important. Any place that has a good internet connection. This makes work hugely flexible and we can offer something we think all of our employees will appreciate. After all the trust is an important CHG value that we should also live by." Corinne Schmitz, HR Manager CHG-MERIDIAN Northern-Eastern Europe.


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Sven Janssen

EVP Sales Northern Eastern Europe

Annmari Schulz

Senior International Marketing Coordinator North-Eastern Europe