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Companies still have plenty to do when it comes to the digital workplace

A study shows that the majority of employees want to take advantage of mobile working, but companies are yet to catch on to this trend. There is a lack of equipment and of coherent concepts, despite the fact that the digital workplace and digital skills are crucial factors in the success of Industry 4.0 and Work 4.0.

It will be possible to work at any time and from anywhere in the workplace of the future, as employees will have reliable access to all information and processes via networked devices. Although 74 percent of all employees in Germany would like to take advantage of this option – permanently or at least occasionally – it is currently a reality for only 16 percent. Not even a third of those in employment are currently able to work remotely. The number who work on virtual teams across departments, sites, and national borders also remains low at 25 percent.

While smartphones and laptops are constant companions in our private lives, this is clearly not the case at work. Only 44 percent of employees are provided with a laptop by their employer, and a mere 25 percent are given a smartphone. Companies have a long way to go to catch up with the trend for going online while on the move. There is a lack of IT equipment and no implementation of the digital workplace, and no progress in this area since last year.

The digital transformation is creating new challenges for businesses, and if they want to master these challenges, they will need to provide workplaces with the latest equipment. This will allow the workforce to gain vital digital skills that will prepare them for the future. It will also mean that existing digital skills can be used for the benefit of the company.

The new IT-based workplace requires more than just the provision of mobile devices –complete solutions with customized business concepts are needed. Our customers’ experiences clearly show that. We have developed our solutions with a view to providing the ability to securely and easily manage all devices, be it smartphone, laptop, or printer, and the corresponding services. The concept covers every phase of the lifecycle, from procurement and service provision to deinstallation of the assets. TESMA® enables transparent ‘causer pays’ billing, and at the end of the lifecycle the data is erased using a certified procedure (we call it eraSURE®).

Capital expenditure on state-of-the-art workplaces also increases a company’s attractiveness as an employer. In a digitalized world, employees have higher expectations with regard to the devices and applications they use for their work. And the greater the discrepancy between personal and business use, the more their frustration increases. The D21 Digital Index study shows that employee motivation and productivity increase by up to 25 percent in the digital workplace. Staff loyalty is also greater when technological expectations and requirements are met, especially when it comes to model selection. Our Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) program allows employees to choose their preferred device via a self-service portal, to pay the difference if they opt for an upgrade, and to take ownership of the device at the end of its business use. The workplace of the future is of particular importance to the under-30s – in the era of Work 4.0 that is a crucial factor when looking for qualified junior staff.

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