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Reap the benefits of digital workplace innovations for your business

“We regard the digital workplace as a holistic system that adds significant value in all areas of your company that work with IT.”
Lukas Wojoczek, Digital Workplace Sales

Do you feel supported in technical matters by your IT department?

According to a report by the Gartner market research institute, only 24 percent of employees feel supported by their IT departments when it comes to technical matters. This shows the amount of work still required, but also indicates plenty of potential for employers and employees.

Take advantage of these untapped opportunities and invest in a workplace of the future for you, your business and your employees. The introduction of a digital workplace enables you to integrate your employees more closely within your company and to motivate them. Create more transparency with flexible, customized business concepts, giving you an overview of the entire lifecycle of your IT assets and preventing the creation of a ‘shadow IT’ situation. This takes pressure off your IT department, allowing them to provide more comprehensive support in technical matters.

Secure your competitive advantage

A digital workplace offers far more benefits for your business than just enabling remote working or providing access to the latest technology. It lets you create a tangible level of added flexibility and quality for your employees. From a business perspective, you are promoting your company’s digital transformation, enabling it to achieve a greater degree of productivity and efficiency. The key focus must be on taking a holistic approach, integrating and motivating employees, and developing a seamless solution which includes all of the people and departments involved.

Read the full article in our corporate report and enjoy the benefits of the digital workplace.

“The professionals of today attach great importance to always having access to the latest technology. In the never-ending war for talent, the digital workplace of the future will be key to attracting and retaining such individuals.”
Thorsten Staudenmaier-Föhr, Solution Manager

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Lukas Wojoczek

Functional Teamleader DWP / Senior Technical Sales

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Functional Teamleader EBS/ Regular Technical Sales

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