CARE: Rewarding in all respects

Employees get involved in sports for a good cause

They lace up their running shoes, start pedaling or do great things on stage: The CHG-MERIDIAN employees are making a difference – together. With great team spirit, they really hustled to collect donations for charitable causes in 2018.

The effort has paid off: More than 16,000 Euros have been collected as part of “CARE.”

CARE stands for “CHG-MERIDIAN attends to its regional environment.”In this in-house initiative, the internationally active CHG-MERIDIAN Group has bundled the involvement of employees who are jointly active in supporting charitable organizations in their respective regions.

The company management also supports this financially as a matter of conviction.

Every kilometer pays off.

Jogging, swimming and cycling are popular sports – also with the CHG-MERIDIAN employees, who have taken part in numerous competitions in these disciplines. They not only promoted their health and cross-location team spirit, but also selected institutions, who in turn support people who desperately need their help.

  • The starting shot was fired at the ZF Company Race in Friedrichshafen, in which the CHG-MERIDIAN team took place for the first time. The money earned was donated towards the youth work at the VFB Friedrichshafen Sports Club.
  • During the Soccer World Cup, more than 73 colleagues from branch offices in Germany, Italy and Switzerland also laced up their shoes and played in our very own organized and traditional CHG-MERIDIAN Soccer Cup. The three tournament winners as well as the team with the highest number of women players donated their prize money to four different associations of their choice.
  • It continued with the Munich Half-Marathon. The CHG-MERIDIAN team mastered a total distance of 127 kilometers there. The Munich Children’s Center received the reward for this. 
  • The participants proved their stamina during the “10 Friends Triathlon” in Darmstadt. Everyone swam 380 meters, cycled 18 km and jogged 4.2 km. And the Wiesbaden Children’s Hospice Bärenherz was happy about the “kilometer money” paid by CHG-MERIDIAN.
  • At the City Swimming in Dobrecht event, every team member from CHG-MERIDIAN Rotterdam covered a distance of 1.5 km to support the Dutch KWF Cancer Foundation.
  • The last competition in 2018 will have 20 enthusiastic Belgian runners taking part in the Warmathon in Brussels shortly before the end of the year. They will be competing while others take vacation – to help the Belgian Waste Free Oceans organization.

Full of enthusiasm on the stage and at the oven

Maximum performance was also shown by the colleagues who might not do sports in their free time, but who are just as active:

  • For example, the colleagues who practiced the theater piece “Der zerbrochene Krug” and performed it on stage at the Theater Ravensburg for four evenings in front of a sold-out house. The money was donated to the “Theater-Rucksack” sponsorship project and the “Moskito” Theater and Circus School.
  • Things literally got hot during the pre-Christmas season as an international team from the Communications and Marketing division followed up business workshops by baking cookies until all hours of the night. All sales from the 28 kg of cookies, topped up by the company, went to the Valentina Foundation, which helps families with seriously ill children.
"Corporate social responsibility is firmly established in our corporate culture. With our CARE initiative, we ensure that good ideas and social commitment have the right impact where they are needed most.”
Dr. Mathias Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Management of CHG-MERIDIAN


I am looking forward to talking about CARE with you.

Jessica Behrens

Company Spokesperson

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