Employees get involved in community-based causes

Committed and full of ideas – CHG-MERIDIAN's employees apply themselves with as much vigor to good causes as they do to their work. The company's internal CARE initiative brings together ideas for community-based projects and involves the workforce in the decisions on which ones to support. A look back on 2017 shows what a wide variety of projects we have been involved in.

CARE is a platform for ideas to help the community

Corporate social responsibility is firmly enshrined in CHG-MERIDIAN's corporate philosophy. When it comes to supporting community-based projects, we want to encourage our employees to get involved with their own ideas and personal commitment. The CARE initiative was created with this ambition in mind. Employees can initiate projects that they deem particularly worthy of support and provide input to the company's efforts.

A year-end bake-off for the Kinderstiftung Ravensburg foundation

Employees in the Communications and Marketing department in Weingarten organized an event that showcased their baking skills. At the end of November, they all stayed up late to bake cookies to sell to their colleagues. The proceeds – with an extra €500 from the company – were donated to Kinderstiftung Ravensburg, a charitable foundation that cares for socially disadvantaged children.

Getting sporty with plenty of team spirit

Over the course of 2017, four other projects were run that had a particular focus on team spirit. In January, a team challenge in Mexico saw CHG-MERIDIAN employees build bicycles from parts and donate them to disadvantaged children from a local primary school. In June, 25 fitness-obsessed employees used their lunch hour to take part in the CHG-MERIDIAN Lunchtime Bootcamp. Over the course of the project, the cafeteria provided a special fitness menu every day. As a reward for all this exertion, the company made a generous donation to the Radio 7 Drachenkinder charitable initiative.

Tour de France simulation and half-marathon

At our Düsseldorf office, the CARE project was based on the Tour de France, which in 2017 had started from the city. CHG-MERIDIAN joined forces with cycling specialists CANYON to provide cycling simulators – known as Zwift Bikes – where employees and visitors were able to virtually cycle along some of the stages of the famous sporting event. The beneficiary of the 'mileage allowance' that CHG-MERIDIAN generated was the Rheinische Bürgerstiftung foundation. The amount donated by CANYON and CHG-MERIDIAN came to around €10,000. And in October, five employees took part in the Munich half-marathon. Thanks to their endurance, the KlinikClowns charity in Freising received a donation from CHG-MERIDIAN at the end of the race.

A win-win situation for all

The CARE activities initiated by CHG-MERIDIAN's employees not only benefited the recipients of the donations and the people supported by these organizations. The teams involved in the activities also felt a benefit for themselves, as their joint efforts for a good cause had a positive effect on team spirit and their working relationships.


I am looking forward to talking about CARE with you.

Jessica Behrens

Company Spokesperson

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Dec 6, 2017 – Gross-Gerau

Successful working relationships at the Technology and Service Center

For the past eight years, colleagues with disabilities have been working alongside other employees at the Groß-Gerau Technology and Service Center. This integration project is being run by CHG-MERIDIAN in cooperation with the Rhine-Main Workshops for Disabled People and one of their subsidiary workshops, Solvere gGmbH, and receives positive feedback from all those involved.

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