Employees and employer working hand in hand to help people in need

Corporate social responsibility is firmly enshrined in CHG-MERIDIAN’s corporate philosophy. When it comes to supporting community-based projects, we want to encourage our employees to get involved with their own ideas and personal commitment.

The CARE initiative was created with this ambition in mind. Employees can initiate projects that they deem particularly worthy of support and provide input to the Company’s efforts.

Our employees are getting involved around the world.  They provide as much immediate support as they can during emergencies or initiate their own promising projects. We focus on humanitarian, community-based, and cultural initiatives. A further focus of our work is on sport, where character traits such as team spirit, perseverance, and fairness play a key role, just as they do in our corporate culture.


Our current CARE projects

Team challenge in Mexico
In 2017, it began with a team challenge in Mexico that saw CHG-MERIDIAN employees build bicycles from parts and donate them to disadvantaged children from a local primary school.

Tour de France simulation
The Tour de France consumed our CARE initiatives at our Düsseldorf office in 2017. Thanks to our partnership with bicycle specialist CANYON, employees and visitors were able to cycle along virtual stages of the road race. Proceeds were donated to the Rheinische Bürgerstiftung foundation.

Half-marathon in Munich
In October, five employees took part in the Munich half-marathon. Thanks to their endurance, the Klinik-Clowns charity in Freising received a donation from CHG-MERIDIAN at the end of the race.

Corporate social responsibility at our headquarters
We also support Wirbelwind, a children’s center run by Körperbehinderten-Zentrum Oberschwaben, which caters for the educational needs of disabled people, and the Schussental hospice, where terminally ill children can spend their final days in a peaceful, safe, and caring environment.


This and other articles can be found in our 2018 Company Report. Click here to download.




"Social responsibility is firmly established in our corporate culture.
We encourage our employees to get involved with projects in the local community, and our CARE initiative ensures that good ideas have the right impact where it is needed most."
Dr. Mathias Wagner