Storopack opts for carbonZER0® by CHG-MERIDIAN

Sustainability – a corporate value

For Storopack, a family business specializing in protective packaging and molded parts made from expanded foams, sustainability is key. The company can now offset the CO2 emissions of its entire IT inventory thanks to carbonZER0® by CHG-MERIDIAN.

Storopack is a global leader in systems and services involving flexible, temperature-controlled, and tailor-made protective packaging for products of all kinds. Storopack also develops and manufactures bespoke technical molded parts for customers. In addition to conventional materials such as Styropor®, customers can choose from a broad selection of sustainable materials, including recycled and renewable, for their packaging and molded parts.

The family business is committed to corporate citizenship in all its activities and to playing an active role in promoting it. The company’s mission, ‘Perfect Protective Packaging’, is also its top priority in terms of sustainability. After all, manufacturing and transporting a replacement for products that have been damaged in transit consumes resources unnecessarily and thus harms the environment. To make the use of plastics more sustainable, Storopack also participates in various initiatives to crack down on plastic waste. For example, it is a member of the global Alliance to End Plastic Waste, which aims to rid the environment of plastic waste and develop innovative ideas for expanding the recycling infrastructure. 

A financing model to match the sustainability strategy

Storopack production facility

“When it comes to conserving resources, the equipment at our global sites is a significant factor,” says Thomas Mühleisen, Head of Corporate IT at Storopack. “That is why we have taken a range of internal measures to optimize our environmental footprint and manage energy efficiently.” The company has already reduced its CO2 emissions and energy consumption through a range of modernization measures, and carries out regular audits to check whether any further improvements are possible. 

And this is where CHG-MERIDIAN comes into play. Thanks to carbonZER0®, the ‘green’ financing option from CHG-MERIDIAN, Storopack can make carbon-neutral IT investments.

The service offsets the carbon emissions that are generated during the production, transportation, use phase, and end-of-life phase of IT assets leased from CHG-MERIDIAN. A product is considered to be carbon-neutral if its CO2 emissions have been calculated and either avoided entirely or offset by making a payment to a certified climate protection project. The underlying principle is that greenhouse gases are dispersed equally in the atmosphere, regardless of where they were generated. If emissions cannot be avoided locally, they are offset elsewhere by a climate protection project that has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It was easy for Storopack to order the service as an add-on, leaving CHG-MERIDIAN to take care of everything, including making the offset payment to certified climate projects. As proof of the CO₂ emissions saved, Storopack receives a certificate, which can be viewed digitally in TESMA®, CHG-MERIDIAN’s technology and service management platform, along with the information on which assets are carbon-neutral. 

Thomas Mühleisen, Head of Corporate IT, Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

“In 2020, we manufactured more than 35 percent of our own products from renewable or recycled materials, and we want to increase this to at least 50 percent by 2025. Sustainability, and therefore safeguarding or improving the quality of life for future generations, is very important to us. carbonZER0® is the perfect fit for Storopack and is helping us to achieve our sustainability targets.”

Reducing and offsetting CO2

CHG-MERIDIAN passes the offset payments under the carbon-neutral leasing scheme on to four projects that are helping to protect the climate in different ways: solar power (Namibia), wind energy (Indonesia), rainforest conservation (Peru), and hydroelectric power (Sri Lanka). All these projects have been certified in accordance with internationally recognized standards and contribute to sustainable development in their countries.

For Storopack, the potential carbon savings were a key factor in the decision to lease more than 1,200 laptops, tablets, PCs, and smartphones from CHG-MERIDIAN. “Like many of our customers, Storopack is pursuing sustainability targets and is mindful of the environmental impact of its equipment when it comes to IT procurement too. The overall carbon footprint of the IT equipment is a key consideration. In carbonZER0®, we have created a simple yet comprehensive solution for carbon-neutral – and thus more sustainable – investment in IT equipment,” says Frank Mölm, Senior Key Account Manager at CHG-MERIDIAN.