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A future-oriented IT solution for all companies

It has never been more important to preserve resources and contribute to work towards a sustainable world. Circular economy sets aside the "buy, use, throwaway" model and ensures that resources are used for as long as possible.

CHG-MERIDIAN life cycle management solution helps to expand and extend the life of resources, and it is a future-oriented IT solution for companies that focus on sustainability.

Easy, safe, environmentally and economically

All businesses rely on having a well-functioning IT platform that makes day-to-day operations easy to manoeuvre. This requires regular updates and replacements so the equipment is always up to date. With a sustainable approach throughout the lifecycle and focusing on an economical and easy way to upgrade your IT platform, your business will save both money and the environment in the long run. 

The Report Our Common Future  (1987), developed by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development and former prime minister Gro Harlem Bruntland, describes sustainable development like this: "Development that meets today's needs without destroying the prospects for future generations to meet their needs."


Life cycle solutions that meet your needs

CHG-MERIDIAN specializes in revitalizing and refurbishing equipment that had otherwise been retired and recycled. We provide services designed to help businesses easily, safely, environmentally, and economically, both in the replacement and the procurement phase. Planning and managing the replacement process when equipment needs to be updated can be challenging. Our services enable you to keep the focus on your daily operations as a customer.

We help businesses with:

  • Advice regarding choice of equipment and services tailored to the needs of the company
  • Assessment of the appropriate lease period for selected products
  • Adjustment of lease contracts to suit the needs of the company
  • Simple logistics solutions for retrieval of end of life equipment and delivery of new equipment image ready and ready for use
  • Secure, sustainable and certified disposal and disposal methods from our own technology and service centers
  • Always have full control throughout the lifecycle by managing your assest in our Asset Management System TESMA®


Economical and environmentally friendly rollout and rollback

We are more than happy to buy your old IT equipment when you decide to exchange a part of, or the whole of your IT platform. We offer a complete solution all the way, from financing new equipment to the return when it reaches end of life. We encourage you to use the value of the old equipment to provide a favourable frame agreement for leasing of new equipment. We configure, install and prepare the required equipment before delivery, so that it is ready for use. In order for you as a customer to experience the lowest possible downtime, we offer excellent support and service agreements throughout the whole period. Such a life cycle solution follows up and supports the upgrade plan and is very financially beneficial for you.

Outdated IT equipment is handled in our technology and service centre. We collect the old equipment, erase all data, test it, clean it and give it a new lifecycle. Equipment not suitable for resale is recycled in an environmentally friendly and safe way, and the result of this environmentally friendly handling can be used in your environmental report. Your company will always have full control of what equipment you have installed, where it is located and the costs throughout the lifecycle using our web-based technology management system TESMA.

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Among many good statements signed by the American oil affair Jean Paul Getty, we find this: "You shall own objects that increases in value and lease what decrease in value”. Leasing IT equipment is a good alternative to using cash or other equity when purchasing new machines.