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Technology management at Sisamex

State-of-the-art technology in production gives SISAMEX a competitive edge

In order to expand its position as market leader in the highly competitive commercial vehicle market, SISAMEX relies on constant renewal processes and the integration of the latest technologies into production. CHG-MERIDIAN helped the company to develop and implement customized manufacturing processes and optimize its IT infrastructure.

Customized solutions for discerning customers

SISAMEX is a leading global manufacturer of automotive components for commercial vehicles based in Escobedo, Nuevo León, Mexico. The company, which is jointly owned by Quimmco and Meritor Inc., makes axles, brakes, and related components for trucks and agricultural machinery. It currently employs around 2,000 people and counts John Deere, Magna, Freightliner, and Caterpillar among its customers.

Innovations are a key element of SISAMEX’s success. For over 30 years, the company has specialized in identifying opportunities and developing ideas, and translating them into products, workflows, and marketable solutions. As part of its ongoing innovation program, the commercial vehicle supplier commissioned CHG-MERIDIAN to develop a custom solution for the integration of new technologies into its industrial production. The aim was to make efficiency gains in two important production steps: the smelting of materials and the subsequent manufacture of metal parts for the high-precision components sold to SISAMEX customers.

Hand in hand: technical expertise and financial engineering

CHG-MERIDIAN helped SISAMEX to integrate cutting-edge technology into its production lines and improve its IT infrastructure, IT administration, and IT management. The team at CHG-MERIDIAN managed all import processes, the administration of customs documents, and the delivery of the project. The team used the TESMA® platform to provide a clear timeline and input/output data, and made all of the information available in real time.

CHG-MERIDIAN’s agile business model allowed SISAMEX to deal with a single source for the procurement, financing, and operation of the latest technologies in production and IT. All workflows in production and IT were optimized as part of this process. Better interaction between business units has already improved their performance and results, which has had a positive effect on overall operating profit.  

This holistic approach had a further, compelling advantage: Instead of dealing with a range of service providers, managers at SISAMEX had a single point of contact who took care of everything. The experts at CHG-MERIDIAN also provided support with importing the high-tech equipment, which involved a lot of red tape and complex logistics. “We are very happy to be working hand in hand with CHG-MERIDIAN,” said Pedro Jesús Vota, Treasury Director at SISAMEX. “This project has helped us to identify the specific requirements and demands that our company makes of its technical infrastructure. Thanks to the professional support of our partners at CHG-MERIDIAN, we were able to choose the best solution within a short space of time.”